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Are you considering a Utah, Nevada, Arizona or California home purchase and needing a pre-approval letter for your real estate agent or want to discover how much you’d qualify for?

Hi! My name is Scott Buehler, Lead Mortgage Advisor with Guild Mortgage. If you need to finance your first or next home purchase, you’ve landed on the perfect website to get started.

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Scott Buehler, a Mortgage Advisor

How to Begin a Mortgage

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Mortgage Discovery Process

Tell Me Your Story...
Ask questions and get to know Scott Buehler.
Receive a goal-focused video presentation.

Submit documentation for pre-approval review.

What Do I Need to Start a Mortgage?

Having things ready for your loan application will help speed up your pre-approval process so that you can begin submitting home purchase offers with your pre-approval letter.

  • Docs
  • W2 Income
  • Self-Employment
  • Other
  • Below you will find a list of common documentation that may be requested for all borrowers after your loan application is submitted. Please see the applicable tab for income documentation.

    • Address history – 2 years.
    • Work history – 2 years.
    • Bank statements – 2 months.
    • Retirement statements – 2 months or quarterly.
    • Gift funds – We will provide a gift letter document to be filled out by the donor.
    • School transcripts or diploma when you don’t have 2 years employment history.
    • Other real estate owned: Mortgage (if any) and homeowner’s insurance statements.
    • Letter of Explanations (most common)
      • Derogatory credit.
      • Credit inquiries.
      • Address history discrepancies.
      • Employment history.
    • Bankruptcy – Full discharge paperwork.


  • For all borrowers on the loan application receiving W2-based income, we will need the following:

    • Paystubs – 30 days.
    • W2 forms – 2 years.
    • Employer information including:
      • Company name.
      • Supervisor or accounts payable contact information.
    • Second job – For qualifying income, we need:
      • 2 years minimum concurrent history recommended.
      • 1 year concurrent history with positive factors required.
      • No job gap longer than one month in the most recent 12-month period (unless seasonal).


  • For all borrowers receiving self-employment income that wish for their income to be considered in the mortgage decision process, we will need the following:

    • 1* or 2 years tax return history of self-employment income.
    • Business to be verified as open, operating and producing revenue.


    • If you own 25% or more of a business entity, it is considered self-employment income.
    • * Certain loan scenarios may allow for one year of personal and business tax returns.


  • Below, you will find common alternative income sources that may be considered as qualifying income in the mortgage decision-making process. If you have income not shown here, please let me know and I’ll assist you further.

    • Annual award letters / statements for:
      • Social Security income.
      • Disability income.
      • Pension income.
      • VA benefits income.
    • Bonus, Commission, Tips or Overtime Income.
    • Alimony / child support income (elective / optional):
      • Court order showing child support award.
      • Evidence showing regular payments being received.
    • Rental income – 2 years tax returns, all schedules.
    • Other reoccurring income – Typically we will need 2 years documented history.


This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list as each borrower and loan scenario is unique. Additional documentation may be requested.

The Mortgage Pre-Approval

Granted, mortgages aren’t as exciting as home shopping with a REALTOR®, however, if you plan on financing, it should be your first step!

When you skip the mortgage process, you’ll run into the same roadblock over and over again when talking to a real estate agent. “Have you spoken to a lender?”

Be ready to answer that question with a “Yes! I also have a pre-approval letter ready!” by submitting a loan application today.

You should plan to apply about two weeks prior to starting the home shopping process to allow yourself time to gather documents and go through Underwriting.

Do you have an offer deadline and need a letter urgently? I am excited to offer urgent service upon request. Depending on your income sources and fast delivery of required documentation, I can often issue a letter with same-day service! Please allow additional time for self-employment, applications with more than 2 borrowers, or certain situations where we need underwriter feedback.

Begin Home Shopping

Vibrant dusk home photo with green lawn

Once you’ve started your mortgage and have been pre-approved with a letter in-hand, it is time to begin home shopping!

You will know your max purchase price, how much you will need for a down payment, how much your estimated payment will be and so much more.

I have a wide network of professional and knowledgeable real estate agent partners throughout Utah and California. Consider asking for referrals!

Having a cohesive team that works together may improve your chance of a successful real estate transaction.

The Mortgage Process

Wondering what the mortgage process is like? As your mortgage advisor, I will guide you throughout the whole journey with rapid updates via text, emails and calls.

Ever been ignored? Held in the dark? Left wondering what’s going on? With me as your mortgage advisor, you’ll be delighted to know that when there’s an update, you’ll know within 15 minutes during business hours!

  1. Talk, text or email me to ask questions.
  2. Submit a loan application.
  3. Submit your mortgage documentation.
  4. Receive a mortgage pre-approval letter.
  5. Begin home shopping and get offer acceptance.
  6. Lock your interest rate.
  7. Review and sign your Loan Estimate.
  8. Review your home inspection with your real estate agent.
  9. Give consent to order an appraisal.
  10. Receive a conditional approval from Underwriting.
  11. Answer all conditions.
  12. Receive final approval.
  13. Attend your closing appointment.
  14. Take possession after title confirms your property has recorded!
Scott Buehler celebrates a closing with mortgage clients

Closing on Your Home

It’s time to celebrate! Your closing appointment is my favorite part of the loan process!

Option 1: Schedule a time with your title company at a title office near you. If your signing is anywhere in Utah, I’d love to attend!

Option 2: Mobile notary. If you’d like to close on a home but need to be in another state such as when you are remotely employed, we can arrange for a mobile notary to meet you.

Once your documents are signed and your cash to close is received by title, your home will begin the recording process.

Once complete, congrats, possession (keys) will be exchanged and you may begin moving in!

Have a Mortgage Question?

Please do not hesitate to ask a question. There's no dumb questions and I'd love to help.

Use the contact form to ask a question or browse the questions below (tap to reveal).
  • Do you have first-time homebuyer programs?

    Absolutely! Check out my first-time homebuyer programs guide to see what mortgage programs I have available including options that offer 100% financing.

  • Do you have any reviews from past clients?

    My clients rave about their mortgage experience with me as their loan advisor. Please see my Scott Buehler reviews page for a collection of my reviews and client success stories.

    My reviews can be independently verified by using a search engine with phrases like “Scott Buehler Home Loans” or “Scott Buehler Facebook.”

    I can’t wait to be part of your next success story!

  • What are your interest rates?

    Did you know that interest rates and APR vary based on mortgage program, qualifying credit score, loan-to-value ratio and many other factors?

    For this reason, I ask that you officially apply for a mortgage, have a discussion with me about your mortgage goals and I’ll send multiple loan scenarios that will show you your options. These loan scenarios are presented to give you the clear data you need to make a decision.

    Want to see nationwide market interest rate trends?

  • I'm relocating from another state, anything I need to know?

    When relocating from another state, there’s a lot to consider, especially when it comes to income. Please see my mortgage relocation guide on my main website for income considerations.

    Are you planning to keep your current home and turn it into a rental? Do you have someone in mind to lease your home and can get a lease agreement while we go through the loan process? Planning to sell before or after buying in the new state?

    Relocations with a mortgage is one of my specialties. Tell me about your relocation plan and lets strategize a game plan.

  • Do you have a mortgage calculator?

    Please visit my mortgage calculator on my main website. This calculator comes with amazing features such as adding an extra amount to principal each month to discover how much faster you’d pay off your mortgage.

    Enjoy visual charts, an amortization schedule and so much more with this feature-packed calculator.

  • Do you have down payment assistance home loans?

    Yes. I do have down payment assistance options available.

    If funds for a down payment are unavailable, please consider the option of gift funds from an immediate relative. I have additional down payment solutions to help with your down payment and closing costs.

    Down payment assistance programs are generally the most expensive loan programs available. It’s important that we protect your best interest and exhaust all options before considering a down payment assistance solution.

  • What is a Loan Officer, Processor, Underwriter, etc.?

    Glad you asked! When searching social media, news sites, search engines and other resources, you will often come across job titles and wonder what they do in their position.

    I am a mortgage advisor, I am the go-to person to talk about mortgage options, qualifying, navigating mortgage guidelines and communicating with your real estate agent, title, underwriting, processors and everyone in-between. My job goes by many titles including Mortgage Loan Originator, Mortgage Consultant, Mortgage Advisor, Loan Officer and more.

    To learn about other positions in the mortgage process, visit my mortgage roles page on my main website.

  • Can you help me outside of Utah?

    I am licensed to originate mortgages in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California which includes discussion of mortgage options, taking loan applications, puling credit reports and everything else related to your mortgage.

    If you are considering a purchase outside of these states, please use the contact form and I’ll happily refer you to a trusted Loan Officer within Guild Mortgage.

  • Do you offer reverse mortgage solutions?

    My branch office has a reverse mortgage specialist that would love to help you with your HECM mortgage needs. Please refer to my retirement mortgage page on my main website.